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Jenmen Engineering Office Interior Architecture Baguio City
Jenmen Engineering Office Interior Equipment Architecture Baguio City
Jenmen Engineering Office Interior Equipment Architecture Baguio City
  • To build a working environment where the best people converge, collaborate and climb up the corporate ladder together.
  • To bring the organization toward consistently delivering the best services with the highest level of excellence.
  • To boost value for the organization by maintaining a healthy partnership with our clients, ensuring that their best dreams are brought to life the way they envisioned it be.
  • JENMEN Engineering will be the country’s leading architectural and engineering firm known for producing the best people,  offering the best services, and building the best dreams.
Business and Personal Integrity
Excellence and Efficiency in Service
Social Responsibility
Technical Competence

JENMEN ENGINEERING is an architectural and engineering firm that operates to provide quality structures in Baguio City and neighboring provinces with enhanced design and construction. Moreover, the firm also aims to be a melting pot of diverse professionals by way of providing potential talents with opportunities for career advancement in their respective fields.

Innovative Services

Innovation and creativity are vital in coming up with unique and suitable designs for every project on hand. Given the parameters specified by the client, each detail is customized to ensure that both aesthetics and functionality go well hand in hand.

Strong Public Relations

Advertising is the key to building relations with potential clients. By way of this campaign, the existence of the business is made known to the public and eventually to its target market. The increased awareness of the services that the company offers, coupled with the many advantages that go along with it, will most certainly bring about more favorable business partnerships to the company and its valued clients.

Competent Professionals

The combination of young and highly skilled professionals creates a dedicated, motivated, and competitive team. A successful output is a product of a positive relationship among the employees; hence, maintaining a harmonious working environment is one of our topmost priorities. And as we recognize the value of our people, the company strives to provide opportunities that will further hone and develop their skills and competencies.

General Manager

Jen is an aggressive and goal-oriented person who is highly-trained in the fields of Sales, Marketing and Management. Prior to the opening of JENMEN Engineering, she was employed as Sales and Marketing Manager for several companies including Goshen Land.  She is currently a member of Rotary Club of Baguio (South).

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She also served as Marketing Officer and Trainer for e-Communications Training Institute in 2007, where she was exposed to speaking in various trainings and workshops.

Jen established JENMEN Engineering with the objective of lessening the unemployment rate in Baguio City and Benguet.

Operations Manager

Marlon earned his Architecture Degree at Saint Louis University in 1999. After completing his two-year apprenticeship program, he passed his licensure exam in 2002. Being a patient and keen observer, he continually developed his competencies and gained career maturity as freelance Architect.

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He designed and constructed different residential buildings in Baguio City and Pangasinan.

He was later employed by Triclops Engineering in La Trinidad, Benguet where he was in charge of design, implementation and construction, as well as preparation of proposals and bids. He was able to cater to projects from both private and public sectors such as Coca-Cola Bottlers Phil., SM Prime Holdings, Universal Leaf Philippines, Benguet State University and different local government units. He has proficiently delivered services ranging from architectural and engineering to fabrication and equipment installation.


Jenmen Engineering Organizational Chart

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